Heart Strings


IMG_1676 3.JPG

Acrylic, spray paint and dmc thread on canvas (36x24in/91.5x61cm)

I love the use of alternative forms of expression that create a space for the voice of the Palestinians, like graffiti and street art, despite that it stems from living under Israeli occupation. Palestinian embroidery, or tatreez, is another example of a distinctly Palestinian expression of identity and used as a subtle form of communication between women. Here I paint myself in front of Jerusalem poppies, wearing the traditional white headscarf, cross-stitching straight onto my skin. It's more than a longing for my Palestinian culture and heritage; it's a way of constructing my cultural identity and voice as a Palestinian who has lived outside of Palestine since I was a toddler. Here, every stitch is a letter in a cultural language that I am slowly becoming more and more fluent in, relieving the feeling of being a foreigner on my native land, in my skin and in my mind.