Imposter Series

Imposter series

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I am an imposter. My cultural and national identities are woven from the threads of nostalgic stories, none of which are my own. Having left Palestine as an infant, I have always felt like a foreigner in my native land. I reconstructed my identity with snapshots of what my story could have been by inserting myself as a child into the backdrop of daily Palestinian life.A few of the original photographs of Palestinian street scenes were shot during the filming of my final project for Central Saint Martins, a film about the physical and psychological borders faced by Palestinians that was later shown in London’s Institute of Contemporary Art. The rest of the photographs were taken while doing research for my master’s dissertation about Palestinian street art for the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Instead of another tale from the diaspora, a new narrative emerges from these manipulated photographs restoring a sense of indisputable belonging. 

Featured in Tribe Magazine (Issue 06, 2018)

Exhibited in 2018 in the Tribe:Contemporary Photography from the Arab World at the American University Museum exhibition at the Katzen Arts Center, Washington DC