The tatreez circle

Dina Yazbak and I started The Tatreez Circle as a community to encourage the promotion and preservation of the art of Palestinian embroidery (tatreez) because we both feel that it is an integral part of Palestinian culture, history and identity. We hold workshops where I teach the history and cultural context of embroidery prior to 1948 from various regions in Palestine and how it changes after 1948 in form and meaning. I discuss how different artists reinterpret tatreez today and after a demonstration on how to cross stitch, everyone attending gets to cross stitch a motif themselves. By the end of the workshop, those who attend leave with a new understanding of the meaning of the motifs, the history and culture that they stem from, and a new skill that they can then use and develop.

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Dina Yazbak and Joanna Barakat

Dina Yazbak and Joanna Barakat

upcoming Workshops

17 September- 20 November 2019 (six part course) from 5:30-8:30pm Warehouse 421, Abu Dhabi

9 November 2019 at Tashkeel, Dubai

past workshops

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